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Microsoft Sure Knows How to Anger Indie Devs

Microsoft has really dedicated itself to dig its own grave since the anouncement of the Xbox One. One of their latest attempt is a new policy that won’t allow indie developers to release their content for the Xbox One unless it hasn’t already been realease for other consoles—Microsoft HAS to be the #1 choice if they want release on their platform. Really? Is this at all necessary? I get that you’re trying to get content for your system first, but this kind of stuff simply turns the developer into your enemy, not your friend.

Now, Microsoft did clear up that this would be handled case by case and it wouldn’t apply to everybody, so there’s a chance that the games will still get through and the policy won’t really be acted upon, but it still is an unnecessary obstacle.

Indie developers tend to be small studios trying to make a living off the one thing they love, Video games. When you tell an indie developer that they have to prioritize you if they want to make money they’re going to, quite naturally, get pissed. People need to make a living, if you want to make a deal with a developer so that they launch a title for your console first, go ahead and buy them off, but don’t force them.

One of two things will happen if this policy stick: Small indie devs will only launch their content on the console to their benefit, and later deal with Microsoft, in hopes of a multi release, or they forcefully launch the Xbox first, risking their income (Not all games sell the same in every console, plus the PS4 has a sales lead so far.)

Removing freedom from the devs might look like there’s a chance for profit, but pissing off the people that can generate that profit for you will certainly not earn you their favor.



Our Love for Indie

Here at the DreamCast we love our indie tittles, and boy do we love them when they have unique game mechanics. But there was one in particular that we heard about in sort of a passing rumor: The Novelist.

We took it upon ourselves to play it out of gamer’s curiosity, and now we have a brand new experience for our readers.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear TumblerPiston’s soothing baritone voice and Brosephs incessant rage towards all things, well, here’s your chance.

To inaugurate our Youtube channel, we give you, The Novelist.

The Novelist

Any comments or advice is welcome. This IS our first foray into Videos, so let us know were we can improve.