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Why I’m Afraid of The Elder Scrolls Online and Other MMOs

Recently I’ve developed a fear. I’ve been playing video games for a long time and I grew up in a scene where single player and split-screen multiplayer was the go-to experience—presently, it’s not quite like that. Since the advent of the internet the gaming world has changed—admittedly, for the better—and we’ve reached the point where I start to worry, thanks to the Prevalence of MMOs.

MMO’s have been around for a long time (since the 70s to be more precise) and they’ve been a great source of entertainment for many players around the world, and I personally have enjoyed playing them, but MMOs themselves are not the cause of my concern. What has become a problem is major developers turning their unique and amazing singleplayer experiences into a mish mashed MMO shit-storm. One of the most recent examples is The Elder Scroll Online (ESO).

Combat feels a little lackluster, but there's hope for better future versions

Combat feels a little lackluster, but there’s hope for better future versions

We had a chance to play ESO in two of the recent betas, and we’ll have a lot to say about that later (Let’s just say it was good and bad) and excluding our critique, the game is a perfect example of my particular fear. Now that “Bethesdimax” has turned our beloved Elder Scrolls series into an MMO, will we still see single player games? Will we get to visit the provinces of Tamriel in all of its glory instead of the dumbed down experience MMOs have proven to be? My assumption is, no. Think about it, how could it be good for business?

ESO is supposed to encompass ALL of the world of Tamriel, if Bethesda releases another installment it would basically be saying “I know that ESO is doing great, and is providing a grand scale Elder Scrolls world, but let’s release a much better single player experience” as a long running fan I would simply cut my monthly subscription, and dedicate the next few hundred hours of my life to this game, and sure it’s a temporary loss, but temporary in millions is still “Not good for business”.

Another great example was the disappointment that Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) was. Now, I didn’t quite play this to its finishing point so I can’t say how good or bad it was, but Broseph did and, well, here’s a quote from an upcoming article.

“There was nothing in the game that made me feel accomplished with my character’s advancement. I didn’t feel like an awesome ass Sith Lord, All I felt like was a dual lightsaber wielding lackey going around and doing favors for random people.”

The previous being a sentiment that players of the original Knights of The Old Republic would never share.

I believe that this series would have done better had they taken the single player direction. SWTOR is games were you could strip the multiplayer out and would still be an entirely playable game, albeit a crappy one.

But speaking of a more personal experience, to me the immediate definition of a “Dumbed down single player experience for the sake of multiplayer” is Neverwinter. I played both of the Neverwinter Nights series previous installments (Including an exorbitant amount of mods) and they were amazing top-down RPG games that required strategy, know-how and dedication to triumph over the challenges the game threw at you. Neverwinter, the MMO iteration of the game, is literally a hack-and-slash 3rd person game that as far as I read (I couldn’t bear playing another minute of it without risking permanent life indignation) is entirely soloable, a prospect that only the mad would attempt in the previous entries (especially the second one.)

This is why, fair readers, I am afraid. I believe there will be a time where almost every game will incorporate some form of multiplayer, but this is something that I see in the future, where there’s people with better ideas and the tech necessary so that games don’t require getting intensely dumbed down. My greatest hope is that I’m wrong, and that ESO will be an amazing game worthy of the Elders Scrolls name, but quite frankly, I doubt it.



The Elder Scrolls Online: An Angry Love Story

Want to make crap-ton of money with a beloved game series with a high chance of tears and failure? Well just slap in the word “ONLINE”. You read me, ONLINE! This fad is the one some game developers have always obsessed about in the past few years. Matrix online, APB, Age of “Fucking” Conan and  now recently ESO. Unfortunately most go straight to hell.


Nord for life, bitches!

The Elders Scrolls has been a cherished RPG ever since the mid 90’s. I should know. I’m in the long list of people that love it.  But there is always  a black sheep in the horizon in every series that just screws it all up. No its not Skyrim. It’s Elder Scrolls Online. The MMO announced not long ago, that set off a lot of different vibes. Personally I was a bit excited in the beginning.  Sharing my Tamrielic Adventures with my friends and other people around the world. But that there is the problem. Are we deviating from the vision of Elder Scrolls? The series had been changing through each game released, removing this and that. But not doing something as drastic as this.


Guess the town!

The problem  with making a long time single player game into an MMO is that you need to be aware of the amount of content. The Old Elder Scrolls games were long as hell. I personally had 400 hours in Oblivion. Which made me question how I graduated High school in the first place. ESO doesn’t look bad, quite the contrary, it looks amazing. But will it stand to the test to be comparable to the rest of the series?

I followed the game’s news zealously. Finding out more about it. It’s supposed to play almost exactly like Skyrim… only look nicer. It’s been revealed that the game will have Massive PVP. That was the main focus for a long time, massive LotR-ish battles . Sure… but will the campaign, my personal story, be as focused as it has been in the past games?


It looks very similar to Skyrim.

I’m sure with the content and all and the fact that its free, we’ll get a lot of fun from it. What? Its not? I have to pay $15 a month? I’m sorry Bethesda, I couldn’t hear you. 6 years ago, while playing Oblivion, I don’t recall liking the idea of being fucked over for the sake of enjoying your games. Full price for Skyrim? Sure! Full price and a monthly subscription fee? Have you lost your mind?! The idea of MMOs having subscription fees is just ridiculous and antiquated. Asking people to pay $180 a year just so they can play Skyrim with multiplayer, that is where ESO went wrong. There are F2P MMOs out there that would give me an equal or better experience. Look at Guild Wars 2, their profits depend on the sales AND extras they sell in-game. The extras aren’t necessary for the game, but a lot of people buy them, some even pay up to $200, the cheeky fuckers. Thats why the game keeps running.

The Old Republic MMO started out with monthly fees, and now even they went F2P, they reached their profit goal maybe? I doesn’t matter what it has, as a result the population even went up within the game. Sure it has limitations. You don’t have access to everything in the game but you can by just buying something in the online store. But who knows, maybe ESO will end up doing the same thing. We shouldnt be harsh on it, only time will tell.