Having a Million Games and Not Knowing What to Play

I’ll be honest with you, I suffer from the above mentioned almost on a daily basis, but if you still aren’t sure what I’m referring to, have you ever asked yourself “What the hell am I going to play today?” and had a wall of video games sitting in front of you? It’s the equivalent of a girl with a closet full of clothes going “I don’t have anything to wear tonight!” (Gamer with options = Prissy pretty little girls who don’t know what to wear).

There isn’t a day that goes by were I don’t get precisely this dilemma. My steam account? Not good enough; the gaming console sitting right in front of my TV screen? Won’t cut it. Now, why exactly does this happen? My “theory” is that we’ve become spoiled.

I’ve been playing video games for upwards of 15 years now, and I can still remember the days of my childhood were I would obsess over a single title, and would simply not give up until that one game was beaten, even if I had other games to choose from. Now I look at my Steam library and I can say, with confidence, that half of those games not only have I not played in a while, but are sitting in the last chapter of their story simply because I refuse to play them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type to leave it hanging forever, but they’re sure as hell going to get postponed until I feel like giving a jolly damn about them.

Steam Library

And it’s all due to a single quality –I have played too many games, and now I appreciate them for their singular qualities. Ironic isn’t it? I’ve played so many games that I can easily classify them, categorize them, and know what game to play for that exact gameplay element I’m looking for. This has become something I call “Daily cravings”. One day I feel like a stealth game, but hey, I don’t have any of those, but wait! I have Witcher 2 and Warframe, but I’m not feeling “Story Driven” or “Competitive” today. Another day I feel like a thrill so I’ll play Team Fortress 2 or Left for Dead, but one too many losses or deaths, and the craving changes entirely, instead for something more relaxed and cooperative. This all eventually devolves into a sort of happy medium that has Minecraft on one monitor screen and You Tube on the other (Multi tasking seems to scratch any itch lately.)

Now, I can’t plainly state that it’s that simple, as I’m aware that a bunch of factors could be involved (Game Preferences, amounts of games owned, game availability, stress tolerance, boredom threshold, economic dispositions, peer preference,  etc.) but this is the most general way I could approach the subject without having to don a monocle, and end up writing a thesis about it.

All in all, It’s this kind of situation that has driven me to literally force myself to play the first game that I see, and pressure myself to make notable progress (Even if it’s Dark Souls and I didn’t feel like crying that particular day.)

As a gamer I’ve been allowed choices, and the mere fact that I have these choices have spoiled me into neglecting what is sitting right in front of me. I guess, it’s true what they say “It’s a natural cycle to eventually take for granted the things you love the most” and boy, do I really love Video Games.



Revisiting Our Favorites

This time Deadly goes down memory lane as he shares his “+” of Cave Story.

Watch Deadly and Broseph put their gaming knowledge together as they undo their horrible mistakes and — considerably later– play the game.

This is Deadly’s and Broseph’s first venture into video as a team, so any comments and/or advice is more than welcome.

Thanks for watching!

Our Love for Indie

Here at the DreamCast we love our indie tittles, and boy do we love them when they have unique game mechanics. But there was one in particular that we heard about in sort of a passing rumor: The Novelist.

We took it upon ourselves to play it out of gamer’s curiosity, and now we have a brand new experience for our readers.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear TumblerPiston’s soothing baritone voice and Brosephs incessant rage towards all things, well, here’s your chance.

To inaugurate our Youtube channel, we give you, The Novelist.

The Novelist

Any comments or advice is welcome. This IS our first foray into Videos, so let us know were we can improve.

I Just Can’t Stop Playing This Game

I recently realized that it’s been almost three years since one of my favorite games came out, and even further realized that “Holy shit, I’m still playing this game”.

I’m talking about no other than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I know this may not come as a surprise to some, but it does come as a surprise to me.

As much as I love the game I have never consistently kept up or gone back to a game like this unless it was an MMO, and MMOs require to much effort in my mind, so that’s debatable. On the other hand Skyrim has pulled me back EVERY time, and to me it all has to do with immersion.

I’ve been a long running fan of the series and I have to say that this franchise, by far, is my favorite open world environment. To me, no develper has ever achieved the perfect balance between immersion and RPG elements like Bethesda has. The fact that everything that you do feels natural and with purpose is something that I truly admire.

In the previous entry, Oblivion, Leveling up was a little intrusive. It required you to go to bed then pick which stats to level up, and to boot they’d level up depending on which schools/skills leveled up ( I literally had to youtube that, it’s been WAY too long.) This is highly intrusive because you had to constantly be aware of what schools NOT to use so that you could maximize your stat increase –this was a particular annoyance to people who like to branch out their playing style. Skyrim did us a One-UP by scaling down the level up process to two steps: Stat level up –which only three instead of eight– and Perk choosing. This in turn gave it a much better sense of progression and we could stop being concerned about leveling and in turn be concerned with the roads that lie ahead.

Gotta keep myself warm, I need to get some food and water soon though. So tired...

Gotta keep myself warm, I need to get some food and water soon though. So tired…

But enough about technicalities, let’s get to the fun stuff. The major reason why I still play Skyrim, and many of you will agree, is MODS. Every combination of mods makes the game a totally different experience adding to the immersion factor. My most recent combination is precisely aimed at immersion. It’s a world where you have to protect yourself from the chilling cold and the blinding snowstorms by hunting, and creating capes and pelts that serve as a flimsy second skin; a place were mere bandits are no longer sword fodder, but rather people hardened by the wild and ready to mercilessly eviscerate you in combat; a domain were every step you take is calculated, and were you take every advantage that you can so that you may avoid meeting your demise at the hands of traps or the marauders that lurk around the corner.

All in all I’ve created my own Skyrim experience, something that I can say I’m proud of and I still look for excuses to go back and play as often as I can. Bethesda made one hell of a game, and though it wasn’t perfect, this series has a large enough community of dedicated modders and players to make a it a new experience every time.

And even though we here at the DreamCast aren’t very exited for The Elder Scrolls Online, like Broseph said in his article “Only time will tell.” Maybe ESO is truly the multiplier experience we’ve all been yearning for?

What about you? Is there any one game in particular that after years you’re still not able to let go? What’s the experience like looking back to when you first played it?

New Section Open!

We’ve been meaning to get a little more creative with our content as of late, so we got Deadly to do what he does best: DOODLE!

And for the first one we got together we played a little tribute to the Persona series, one of our favorites (PERSONA 5 WAS TEASED, ZOMG!)

Considering it’s a brand new section in our page I’m going to give you guys just a snippet, if you want the rest your going to have to click that button u top. 😉



Why GTA V Didn’t Deserve the GOTY Award

Yes, GTA V was a fun game, and it did make quite a selling, but be honest with yourself, did GTA V REALLY deserve to win the Game of The Year Award? If you’re like me you probably don’t only disagree with the decision, but you’re also quite furious with it. So here I am to discuss with you the 2 main GTA V did NOT deserve the GOTY Award:

I. Bioshock Infinite
II. The Last of Us

And that is exactly why GTA V did not deserve to win the GOTY Award. This was Dooker, hope you have a fantastic evening, goodnight.



Note: Dooker described it as this before I could read it and ready it for publishing “A rousing argument with strong foundations about why GTA V didn’t deserve to win the GOTY award.”

Lo’and behold…