The Casters


The DreamCasters

Who are we? I’d love to say we are five professional critics who have mastered the art of the word and all revolving around it, but we’re not. We’re five guys; five guys with a dream, and a passion for video games. Five guys who are closer than blood and some of us are even actually blood. We’re not here to wow you with words, or to mesmerize you with our ideas. We’re here to just talk, say what we think, give our point of view on the video gaming world, not just as people, but as dedicated gamers as well. Video gamers who understand the joy of a masterfully crafted game, the hype of a soon to be release for what could be a magnificent masterpiece, and the rage towards society who constantly points it’s fingers at us blaming us for its problems when all we want is to just have fun. All whilst not forgetting that incredible empty feeling one gets when we’ve just finished a game with a plot-line that can only be described as the epitome of a perfected collision between beauty and sadness that leaves us truly devastated unknowing of what to do with our lives afterwards. Yeah.

So, in the end, who are we? We are lovers, haters, fan boys, players, rage-quitters and master-racers. We are gamers.



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