Broseph’s Adventure in Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Play as Sith, Go around a planet and do quests. Have to choose whether to be a goody two shoes or a complete psychopath, apparently being a smart Sith just doesnt exist in this game. Go around doing quests taking over the planet for the Empire, feel like I accomplished a lot. Find out that the Jedi/Republic side of the story is going around the same planet cleaning up my mess and undoing everything I did. Feel like I accomplished nothing. Leave the planet after doing the last quest, to only then tell me that there is an extra chapter to planet’s story and do more quests. Ask myself, why I should do this all over again. Leave for another planet, do the same thing, right before I leave… they drop the same extra quests bullshit again… Why did I play this game? KotOR 3, that’s why. But that’s not going to happen, now that Bioware decided to think that distorting the story, and completely stopping the possibility of a true sequel is a good idea.

There was nothing in the game that made me feel accomplished with my character’s advancement. I didnt feel like an awesome ass Sith Lord, All I felt like was a dual lightsaber wielding lackey going around and doing favors for people. The biggest restriction this game gave itself was that it is declared cannon. I’m a big Star Wars fan myself, but if this game wasn’t canon in any way, it would have led to many unconstrained amazing adventures that would’ve added to the continuing playability of the game and a more a interesting story.
Maybe add a multiplayer function where a faction conquers the other’s capital, they would receive huge bonuses, and access to enemy exclusive items, you know… like a war. But at no point in this game, which is about a war between the Sith and the Republic… did it actually feel like an actual WAR! At no moment did I feel like my faction was risking resources or territory in a battle. Just a hack slash, thank you ma’am  PvP matches like again, most games. SWTOR didn’t have anything innovative, it was simply a company’s semi-successful attempt to take advantage of the growing MMO market and showing nothing exciting for it.

The game was just a WOW in space except 10 times more repetitive, and even more annoying with the “Free to play” policies these people have. Too many limitations and no baiting to make me interested in being a subscriber,the crafting did not help in any way (And, seriously, Companions doing every thing for you?) I had no motivation in finishing the game.  Just look at it this way. Finish the game with one character/class, only to begin anew and go through the tedious cycle all over again. It’s no surprise why some people preferred Star Wars Galaxies. The game was rich in community and more of a “form your own adventure” thing.

The Space Combat, was atrocious… its just a rail shooter. At first it was fun, but i noticed a few small problems right away. First, you are limited 3 space missions a week, if you are F2P . 3? 3 missions for a rail shooter that adds little to nothing to the Games War or my story. I eventually got a subscription, missing 3 days  cause of a patch they screwed up mind you, and after playing the space missions for a few days I noticed it… They are recycling MAPS. all that money put in this game and they repeated the Dragon Age 2 problem. And second problem… it doesnt contribute in any way to the DAMN WAR! SWTOR is advertised as a faction based MMO, yet its a game where everyone wins. Its the sort of experience that strives to make you feel powerful and important, when you really aren’t. You are not changing anything, you are not unique in anyway in this game.

What makes an MMO worth playing is its people. On the positive side, the comunity is pretty good, for me, this is what kept me in the game for so long. If you can find a good group of people, I assure you, you WILL have fun with them. This isn’t a game to be playing like an antisocial adventurer. Some missions require you to either grind or take buddies with you, the latter is extremely advised, mainly cause you receive less to no experience if you are higher level than the quest or enemy. So the game is a no no, playing solo.

In the end, The Old Republic is not really a bad game. There are just loads of better MMOs to play out there, some being non subscription based like Guild Wars. The crafting is limited and confusing for most of the time, being handled by companions and only having 3 crafting skills at a time. Once you start playing its recommended you find a good guild to join and make friends, that’s where most of the fun is. But my biggest recommendation is to play Guild Wars 2 or the Star Wars Galaxies EMU, do not pay a subscription fee when there is a Non-sub counterpart that offers a more complete MMO experience.



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