Why GTA V Didn’t Deserve the GOTY Award

Yes, GTA V was a fun game, and it did make quite a selling, but be honest with yourself, did GTA V REALLY deserve to win the Game of The Year Award? If you’re like me you probably don’t only disagree with the decision, but you’re also quite furious with it. So here I am to discuss with you the 2 main GTA V did NOT deserve the GOTY Award:

I. Bioshock Infinite
II. The Last of Us

And that is exactly why GTA V did not deserve to win the GOTY Award. This was Dooker, hope you have a fantastic evening, goodnight.



Note: Dooker described it as this before I could read it and ready it for publishing “A rousing argument with strong foundations about why GTA V didn’t deserve to win the GOTY award.”

Lo’and behold…



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