Who is the Steam Machine for?


The first time that I heard of the Steam Machine, Valve’s new quasi-gaming PC, the only thing I thought was “Why? Who the hell is this even for?”

The concept of the damn thing daunted my mind. It was breaking the rules. There’s PC and there’s consoles. It’s how it’s always been; it’s how I thought it would always be. But now there’s this weird apparatus that’s trying to be a little bit of both.

It was later on, only about a week ago actually, that I fully grasped the concept of Steam Machine and what it was trying to do. It might have seemed obvious to some, but I’m so use to being the target of companies trying to sell me things I don’t really need, I only thought of me and why I would want a Steam Machine.

I realized this thing isn’t meant for PC gamers, it’s meant for console gamers. Now again, that might have seemed pretty obvious to most, but me, being the dense motherfucker that I am, I simply couldn’t process it for a while.

Then I realized, it’s genius, it truly is. Think of any debate in the history of EVER between a PC gamer and a console gamer, and all of the reasons why a console gamer will tell you he’s not into PC gaming. All of these “problems” are immediately “fixed” by the Steam Machine. Seriously, just let me give you a few examples.

Reason #1: PC gaming is too expensive. The solution: Starting price for a Steam Machine is 500$

Reason#2: It’s too much of a hassle. The solution: Its modular, meaning that upgrading is extremely simplified.

Reason#3: I don’t like using mouse and keyboard. The solution: it uses a controller. One that looks like my sound woofer had a threesome with a PS3 controller and a GameCube controller and then had some sort of kinky bastard child. But it’s a controller none the less.

Reason#4: I like sitting on a couch and playing on a big TV. The solution: The Steam Machine is pretty much meant to be played like a console.

I can’t think of any more reasons at the moment, but I can assure you reader, that any that you might have thought of as well, are also fixed by this miraculous machine.

I really do hope this new machine is successful. It’s revolutionary in its attempt to breach the gap between PC gamers and console gamers. I could imagine a foreseeable future in which consoles are not technically “destroyed” by these new PC/Console hybrid babies, but more so replaced and they would be the new “consoles”. The beauty of the Steam Machine is that it’s not solely built by Valve, other companies such as Alienware are building their own versions of the Steam Machine. So many people are getting into this. So what’s to stop Sony or Microsoft eventually getting into this and making their own version of it?

I might be dreaming too big and hoping for too much, but the implications of that would be amazing. If consoles were replaced and everyone was basing themselves around the same OS, literally everyone, all gamers, could play together. Fuck the console wars, fuck the stupid debates. We could all just chill out as gamers.



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