DreamCast: Soaring the Starlit Skies


Hello Friends! For those of you who have been following, you should be aware that we took a slight “Hiatus” for the past few months to deal with college related things. Well, we’re back. And for those of you who though this article was about the SEGA console, don’t worry, we not so recently got one, and we’re gonna talk about that too. 😉

You can start to expect regular posts form us again and a plethora of new surprises that we’re not ready to get into quite yet, but, as you may have noticed from the previous few art renderings, let’s just say we have an ample amount of talent on our team.

What we CAN talk about is that we now have a (Not) brand new console! And no, it’s not a next gen console, in fact it’s been around for a while. I’m talking about a Dreamcast; that 90’s console that didn’t do so well, but was still awesome.

Now that we have this imposing machine of wonder expect articles related to that. Starting with not other than, Drum roll please!

Grandia II


Many of our team members are having their first experiences with a Dreamcast now, but for this particular game we let one member go down memory lane, it goes without saying there was some excitement involved. This will lead to a new format that involves re-playing old games and seeing them hold up to today’s standard, but most importantly, to our memories. Will it be the splendor and adventure it was the first time through or will it be utter disappointment? Find out when or first Pre-View/Re-View article launches. See you then!

Want to see your favorite Dreamcast game covered? Leave a comment below and we’ll do what we can to get our hands on it and play it with a new perspective, or in the Pre-View/Re-View format from our Dreamcast vets.


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