Minecraft: The New LEGO Set


Have you been hiding under a rock lately? Been staring at the sun so long that you lost all cognitive ability? No? Then that means you know about Minecraft, the game that many gamers out there agree changed the spectrum of creative gaming.

Minecraft has become a worldwide phenomenon, it went from a small indie game developed by a single man and REALLY knowing how to handle his Java scripting, to a multimillionaire “Parallel Universe”, at least, that’s what I call it. I believe that it’s become so big that in a figurative sense the game exists parallel to our existence. People play it day in and day out, express monumental ideas that signify the very sense of creativity and learn to work towards a greater goal.

Wait, what, Huh?

Wait, what, Huh?

I still remember sitting in front of my computer playing for the first time “What the hell do I even do here?” and “This game looks downright nasty!” were my very first thoughts, and I KNOW that you guys shared the same thoughts. But then something extraordinary happened, I started to play the game and realized objects were breakable and collectible, and then immediately realized they were placeable. But there’s gotta be a quicker way to do this, right? Soon after I ventured into the internet and did what I could to inform myself finding out all about recipes and how the game was brought to reality.

Now it’s been 4 years since it released in its alpha stages, and I have to say, It’s turned into quite the social phenom.

How much so? Well, I’ll say this much about myself. I live in an island, and in this island gaming isn’t something that is considered something serious, it’s just a form of entertainment, then you put your gym shorts on, get up and go play basketball with your friends, right after playing 2K 14 and GTA V of course. Get the picture? Yeah? Ok good. The point I’m trying to get to, is that even in my life circumstances, where I’m completely surrounded by casual gamers I can mention Minecraft and someone will know what I’m talking about.

To further my example I’ll use a little anecdote a friend told me about her younger siblings class– bear with me.  See, this girls class isn’t one of the nicest or savviest of classes, in fact it’s chock full of mischief makers and “Hooligans” for lack of a better word, but one day said class of trouble summoners had presentations to give, you know, the kind you get up and you have no idea what to say so you freeze up then puke, no? That’s just me? Ok. So the presentations subject is free and of their choosing, but then something magical happened, and I’ll quote this, so can give it some all necessary emphasis. The younger sibling of my friend said “Sis, it was so annoying. I had just finished mine and then this kid gets up and starts talking about Minecraft and how it can be creative and help educate, and stuff.”

Wait, what? Repeat that. it can be creative and help educate… and stuff?

Let me state for the record that these kids were in 6th grade at the time in a two-bit brainwashing private school.

And what is causing all this uproar? What is the reason behind why a private school boy would have the boulders to get up and present a video game? It’s freedom and the challenge to your creativity.

Ok. NOW I should have enough power.

Ok. NOW I should have enough power. Mods add a new layer of awesome aswell.

Minecraft doesn’t just let you build things, it doesn’t just say “Hey, have all of these things and go wild” (We’re talking about survival mode at this point if you haven’t noticed) instead it places a bunch of obstacles in your path that truly challenge your creativity, and many other things: Resource management, sense of curiosity, spatial logic, a sense of location and the creation of goals. There’s nothing quite like working hard on that one project that you’ve been so focused on, fighting of enemies that want to destroy you alongside your project, finding all of the necessary materials to build yourself up as a lean mean building machine AND finishing that magical project. Once it’s done, you know you earned it, you fought for it and you have something to be proud of. Then you move one to your next goal, and the next one and then you invite your friends and you build a massive scrotum alongside the score of mods available (We might talk about that one later BTW. Eyes peeled). It all lies simply in the possibilities.

And now, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I wholeheartedly agree wit the kid, Minecraft CAN be a platform for education. I believe that it’s just a matter of time until our global society comes to accept the fact that video games can be more than just a means for entertainment, and I very much believe that I will be alive and kicking when that time comes.

I'm the KING of the WORLD!

I’m the KING of the WORLD!

But in the meantime I’m gonna spend my time in a Parallel Universe, I’ve been trying to build that sky bridge for so long. I guess I better get busy with that scaffolding, you know what they say about building things that just float there “Just make sure you crouch when you’re near the edges and you’ll be fiiiiiine”.

5 seconds later: TumblerPiston hit the ground too hard.



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