Deus EX Review

Beautiful Logo is beautiful.

Beautiful Logo is beautiful.

Deus ex is an Action RPG developed by Ion Storm. Released in 2000 on the PC, it was known to be one of THE best PC games out there. At the time, I wasn’t a big on PC gaming due to my age and lack of knowledge. Therefore, I was never able to play the game itself.  But with the release of its successor Deus Ex: Human Revolution in 2012, I was finally introduced into the series. Playing and beating the game more than 4 times, it’s quite obvious for me to say. I f$@&^%$# loved it! Being able to play the game without firing a single shot (being the stealth–freak that I am) or not killing anyone was amazing. The concept of human augmentation, the ups and downs of technology and its effects on the human mind. It was enthralling. But being introduced to the series by the 3rd game was a bit …unethical, in my opinion.The game is set in the dystopian future of the 2050’s. A plague called the “Gray Death” is terrorizing the population of the US and the government is barely able to keep order and control. A terrorist group called NSF has attacked, taken over the Statue of Liberty and stolen a shipment of Ambrosia, the vaccine for the plague.  It is up to the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO) to take care of the situation. You are J.C Denton, a newly-graduated agent in UNATCO.  What set you apart from your colleagues are your Nano- augmentations.  A new form of the already existing mechanical augmentation that replaces the obvious robotic physical modifications to internal and incognito improvements. Making your character the perfect agent. You are tasked in stopping the NSF and recovering the vaccine, But throughout your journey you discover that not all is as it seems. Without spoiling anything, the game is filled with many twists and a conspiracy that is so well built it is the best I have seen yet. I’m sure, Mr. Clancy will understand.

The difference between you and your mech- augmented buddies is pretty big.

The difference between you and your mech- augmented buddies is pretty big.


Deus Ex’s gameplay style is strong in its RPG core; meaning you are crap in the beginning at most skills considering you are fresh from the academy. You are inaccurate with rifles. Heavy Weapons are too heavy to run with and lock picking doors takes too much time. You must increase your skills as you play the game by earning skill points. You earn these points completing mission objectives, exploring and finding hidden areas, and helping people with side quests.

DeusEx 2013-10-15 21-47-24-60

JAIME! stop looking at my junk!

In addition to your skills you have augmentations that you can find and install during the course of the game. Like super strength, the ability to make drones and regenerate health. But these aren’t the only ones. The twist is you have to find them all, hidden or given as rewards in the game. They’re all worth finding, making them very important tools, especially in harder difficulties.

You can play the game however you want. Want to be a shadow and sneak your way throughout the game? Go ahead! Become a walking apocalypse and kill every man, woman or machine you see… Even the innocent ones? Um…sure, but get your head examined. Want to be Batman, sneaking and beating the crap out of anyone that messes with you?  I did, and it was hard as hell to accomplish.


DeusEx 2013-10-16 16-39-07-02

Crap, they found me!

Combat, again, it depends on your skills and gameplay style. Firefights are harder to win if you aren’t skilled in pistols or  other weapons. They don’t do as much damage and are inaccurate unless you upgrade. Using a knife or blunt weapon in a gunfight is near suicidal; unless you use it against other melee enemies or used as a backstabbing weapon, mainly because headshots do realistic damage. One shot in the head, and it’s time to reload the game.

Your health isn’t just a general health bar. You have to be careful when getting shot. Your limbs all have individual health bars. It’s refreshing concept to be honest.  Damaged arms mean lower accuracy and strength. Broken legs mean you can’t run as fast and you’ll eventually end up crawling on the floor. Broken head and Torso mean… well then you’re dead.

DeusEx 2013-10-16 16-39-52-14

Thanks Obama


The AI is pretty good, for its time. Enemies have a cone line of sight and can hear your footsteps. If you are trying to sneak, but run like an idiot, YOU are going to have a bad day. Also, when sneaking through a mission, you have to be careful when talking to NPCs. That guard outside near the door can actually hear you talking and come inside GUNS BLAZING. The AI, believe or not, for a 2000 game, actually not only did its job right, it went beyond the Call of Duty.


Deus Ex was made for replayability. The game encourages you to try different methods of playing. Different choices may turn up different outcomes and consequences. Therefore, it leaves a lot of room to experiment.


In the end, I can see why it was and still is cherished as one of the best games out there. Although it is an Action RPG, it can be played in a number of ways. A shooter, Stealth game, etc. It can seem like a complicated game at first. Mainly because it doesn’t hold your hand. Which is what I loved the most about it. It doesn’t assume you’re a child. You want to find the next objective? You’re going to have to explore, with the directions they give you. But its easy to get used to. Its a “However you want” game.

I highly recommend this game. Especially if you liked Human Revolution. The style is not far from each other. But get ready to receive a challenge, unlike what the 3rd game gave. Between a challenging experience and very well structured story this is, by far, a game you would not want to miss.



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